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10 June 2021
  • For the next 28 days we are inviting you to practice with Markus. Every 4th day will be a freshly recorded class available and will be sent to you.
    IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE FOR THIS PROGRAM SENT AN Informal Email with SUBJECT MATTER: 28 days of practice to iyengaryogaserbia.adm@gmail.com
    If you want to show your appreciation, please donate freely, while remembering the universe works under the principle of giving and taking. We are working on a donation basis to be available for you, in whichever circumstances you are. To be free like that, takes time and is a learning process of how we value ourselves and the people around us. 
    Regarding donations via PayPal towards iyengaryogaserbia@gmail.com.
    For students in Serbia is also the possibility via Post Serbia towards Marija Weniger
    For questions and queries just drop a mail. Since we are in full swing of our home project, please be patient that not every mail will be answered immediately but will be answered for sure in time.
    These are excellent times to explore and excravate your inner beauty that it starts to shine everywhere. Are you happy? When not it's in your hands to chance, use the tools given and work towards happiness. Enjoy the process and the gift of Life.

4 February 2021
  • Marta
    In English below...

    Izuzetno produbljena praksa već posle prvog časa.
    Menjanje navika. Osvešćenije samoposmatranje. 
    Napominjem da je meni ovo 5. ili 6. godina vežbanja i učenja k(od) Marije i Markusa Wenigera.
    Časovi su ozbiljni, zahtevni, ali u isto vreme su veoma blagotvorni i delotvorni.

    Extraordinary deepened practice after the very first class.
    The change of habits. The Awareness of the Awareness of The Self.
    Note: This is the 5th or the 6th year of my Yoga practice with and from my teachers Marija and Markus Weniger.
    The on-line classes are in-depth, demanding, but equally effective and healing.
    I am sincerely grateful.

  • Jelena
    As for me,I think that Markus's competence level is very high.This programme brings me joy and serenity,but also many challenges.
    Dianne Brooks
    Thank you Markus for your class. In my time zone it was 11pm here on Vancouver Island. What a pleasure to be taught by you again - the last time was in India. It was a strong, intelligent and mindful sequence. I slept deeply last night. Namaskar. Dxx
    Diana Kramer
    Markus has brought to me the essence of Iyengar Yoga in his powerful, yet tender way.
    Greatness of his knowledge, persistence, passion and his genuine modesty has helped me big time not only to overcome the hip surgery and come back to skiing and all other sport activities as if nothing happened, but also grow as a person.
    I am very grateful to be able to practice with Marija and Markus. They have an amazing depth of knowledge amassed through dedicated study asanas and philosophy in India. They know how to transfer this vast knowledge through clear and deep instructions and how to adapt to individual needs of students. I can recommend practicing with them as a life changing experience.

Donating for the live classes can be done by using PayPal for IYENGARYOGASERBIA@GMAIL.COM or if you are in Serbia you can post net for 063467202 for Marija Weniger.

Donacije za online časove možete uraditi preko PayPal za IYENGARYOGASERBIA@GMAIL.COM ili ako ste u Srbiji koristeći post net za 063467202 za Marija Weniger.